Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Chinese, The Malays And The Douche.

Disclaimer: I'm writing this at the risk of sounding a little racist and also slightly douchy. And if you're not into serious reading or having little capacity for rational thinking, you can run along now. Go on. Run along now.

Malaysia. A place with many races and diverse ethnicity (dammit cheesy intro). And according from what I read, among few country that still openly practice racism.

There are too much negativity revolve around the races in this country. Non as serious as the Chinese and the Malays though. Growing up, there were many events which makes me doubt the friendly and warm nation we see in the tv ads every now and then. True. Some can get along pretty well. But most of us don't.

I might not have my fact right, but these are some general view of the people.

The Malays
1. Chinese are too stupid to realize they actually been living in somebody else's land.
2. Chinese are swindler and a rip off.
3. Chinese monopoly the economic sector and gonna f*ck you up if you want to open business.
4. Chinese eat pigs.

The Chinese
1. Malays are bad people.
2. Malays are dumb.
3. Rempits.

From UrbanDictionary.Com:

[The country where education is very highly politicised.Also a country where Malays are literaly spoonfed from their moment of their birth up to their deaths.Even if you are the no.1 student in Malaysia,you won't get a place in a public university of your choice if you are not a Malay.A Malay can beat you to the seat even if he's a freakin' retard.That is guaranteed.
Friendly?Yes.Non-racist?Not always so.]

Like any other teenager, I spend most of my time at the mamak's during the night. From there, I can see and hear so many stereotype either from my friends or even the people next table. Sometimes, I could pick up some people said in a distinct murmur, "melayu lapsap", "melayu cibai" and vice versa, some innuendo about the Chinese.

One time, my friend dated a Chinese girl, and her friends and family was so, paiseh, I don't know how to put it. Well you know, Douche baggy. Poor guy. And just the other day, a Chinese guy blatantly curse and swears to me because I apparently bumped his chair. Just a tiny bit. Seriously dude? Even your hair were untouched. Me being generally calm and composed, I just smiled and walked away.

Don't get me wrong, I've no bad intention. I abhor racism as much as the next guy. But see, I grew up being a very happy child and a pacifist at mind. I often ask my dad why is there wars in the world. And why can't Malaysia and Singapore be one again, why can't Malaysian and Indonesian stop hating each other and so fourth.
And my dad would reply "something something the darkside something something and blah blah" with such intensity that turned out, a naive 7 years old could not comprehend.

The question is why cant we get along?
If you said the Chinese are living in somebody's else land, most probably, so were you. As most of the Malays came from other country namely Indonesia.
Malay or so called Bumiputeras get so much privilege that they can go to any University they wish without even studying. I can hardly say its true as I study just as hard and still find myself not even in a half decent college.
But even so, you can't be mad at all of us Malays because I assure you, most of us doesn't have anything to do with the seemingly racist government policy. As for the rempits and swindler, these are individual issue. Meaning, a douche is a douche, no matter what race.

But seriously, why cant we get along? Maybe this negativity is passed down from our parents or even from our friends. But I find it very unnecessary. We shouldn't hate each other. It's not like we have any other country we can call home. We should settle our differences because believe it or not, we all are good peoples.